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1 File Shaping System
Electrical Discharge Machining
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Package Contents: Pack of 1 A1 file and 1 C1 file
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NEONITI A1 is a nickel-titanium rotary file intended to canal shaping till the apex. These endo rotary files with their non-homothetic rectangular section along the blade enable progressive flexibility to better negotiate the curves and respect the canal anatomy. These nickel titanium files are manufactured using Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) technique. The built-in abrasive properties of the flutes and edges of the endodontic files associate a greater and cutting action, avoiding smear layer risk. The appropriated heat treatment can dramatically increase the flexibility and the resistance to fatigue. This single file technique is intuitive and easy to use. NEONITI C1 is a nickel-titanium rotary file intended to open the root canals. Its variable changing profile displays a combination of axial and tangential edges which lead to immediately feeling its efficiency and lack of screwing in effect. It presents an increasing efficient which brings a high resistance to fatigue. It is easy and intuitive to use and compatible with all endodontic methods.