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Top 6 Best Selling Endo Motors

Biomechanical preparation of the root canal is probably the most important step in root canal therapy. Following the establishment of an accurate working length, the dentist shapes the root canal efficiently, in order for it to receive a suitable filling material that results in a hermetic seal.

Traditional hand instrumentation techniques have been replaced by rotary endodontics. The times when the dentists had to use a series of hand files in a reaming and filing motion while recapitulating and maintaining patency have changed, and we now live in a world where dentists can use just one file to effectively shape the root canal. It is very evident that the advent of rotary endodontics has greatly reduced chair time and increased efficiency and quality of dental treatment.

In a world with continual research and development, we have many devices entering the market with every passing day. Clearly, the expansion of choice has also become an explosion of choice. You needn’t be confused anymore as we have shortlisted 6 of the best selling endo motors to add great value to your endodontic practice:

E Connect Pro Endo motor

Best selling Endo motors

The E Connect Pro is the latest best selling endo motor launched in India. Being sold exclusively on PinkBlue.in, this endo motor has been a game changer in terms of its features and the price it is offered at. Challenging the giants in the endo equipment game, E Connect Pro has a list of useful functions that will aid in safe and efficient root canal preparation.

E Connect Pro has a cordless design with 3 buttons to set the various parameters. A very functional improvement is the fact that the contra-angle head can be rotated around 340 degrees. This facilitates easier operation while working on multiple quadrants of the oral cavity. The dentist can simply rotate the head to have a view of the LCD display. It has programmable functions for speed and torque and also for continuous rotation and reciprocation.

E Connect Pro Endo Motor

A striking innovative feature is the ability to use regular rotary files such as the Neoendo Flex Files in Reciprocatory Motion. This gives the dentist the flexibility to use reciprocating motion in certain situations and increase the lifespan of the endodontic files. The other features of movement include continuous forward rotation, continuous reverse rotation, reciprocation and torque reversal.

The E Connect Pro can be integrated with the E Pex Pro Apex Locator to take complete control of BMP. The connecting cord enables real-time visibility of the position of the tip of the file in the canal. When connected to the apex locator the E Connect Pro offers the following useful functions:

Auto Start/Stop The motor starts when the file enters the canal and stops when the file is withdrawn.
Apical Reverse When the file reaches the pre-set apical reverse point, it begins reverse rotation (user-defined).
Apical Slow Down To preserve the CDJ and avoid file separation, the motor slows down when the file reaches the apical third of the root canal.
Apical Torque Reduction When the file reaches the apical third of the root canal the torque is also reduced to reduce the chances of file separation.

With such a wide array of useful features, the E Connect Pro along with the E Pex Pro is sold at a very attractive price making it a great value-add for your root canal procedures. Also, an optional 5 year extended warranty on the PCB can be availed along with the product.

Marathon A Class Endo Motor

Marathon A Class Endo motor

The A Class endomotor by Saeyang Marathon is among the most sought after endomotors of today. It is a cordless system eliminating the presence of a wire connecting the handpiece to the control unit. This greatly enhances ergonomics and comfort for the dentist. The endo motor consists of the new age Reciprocating System which has two modes – Forward Reciprocating and Reverse Reciprocating, in addition to the conventional continuous rotation motion.

The device contains 6 memory programs namely – Mode ( Auto Stop Reverse, Reverse, Auto Stop Manual), Gear Ratio, Torque and Speed.  The auto reverse function of the endomotor reduces the load on the rotary file when the torque has exceeded the specified limit. When the level of torque increases beyond the set limit the endo motor stops running immediately and starts to run in the reverse direction. Once the load is removed the motor drives the file in the forward direction. The following table shows the some of the compatible gear ratios with their corresponding speed and torque ranges:

Gear Ratio 4 : 1 10 : 2 16 : 1 20 : 1
Speed Range (rpm) 550 – 2000 230 – 800 140 – 500 120 – 400
Torque Range (Ncm) 0.1 – 1.0 0.2 – 2.0 0.3 – 3.0 0.4 – 4.0

The A Class endomotor features a NiMH battery that offers a use time of 90 minutes. The charging unit draws 11VA of power and acts as the holder for the endo motor as well.

NSK Endo Mate DT

NSK Endo Mate DT

The Nippon Seiko Kabushiki-gaisha Limited (NSK Ltd.) company began it’s production of metal bearings back in 1914. They have come up with 3 endo motors namely the Endo Mate AT, TC2 and DT. The best seller among these is the NSK Endo Mate DT.

This endo motor has been developed for use with most of the major brands of NiTi rotary files. There are preprogramming functions to memorize the exact speed and torque settings for up to 9 NiTi file systems from all major manufacturers. There are 3 auto reverse functions namely – autoreverse on, auto-stop and auto-reverse off, which react when the load reaches the present torque level.

The handpiece has an on/off switch to offer pedal free operation. However, an optional foot control pedal can be used along with the Endo Mate DT endo motor. This endo motor has a 2-way power source. It can work with a rechargeable battery (DC) to facilitate portable use or it can be powered using the AC adaptor that is supplied along with the kit.

It has a speed range of 100 – 13,000 rpm and has a maximum torque level of 7 Ncm.

Saeshin Endo Cube

Endo Cube by Saeshin has been a reliable endomotor for many dentists for a considerable amount of time. There are 9 programmable memory functions for gear ratio, torque, speed, rotating direction and others.

The endo motor has an automatic overload protection function that protects the endodontic file when the torque value exceeds the setting value. It also features an automatic power off function that switches the device off after 10 minutes of inactivity and this is indicated by a beep sound. This feature aids in saving battery life of the end motor.

The speed and torque of the endo motor range between 100 – 800 rpm and up to 5.2 Ncm respectively.

Ionyx Endy 6200

Ionyx Endy 6200 Endo motor

Being a manufacturer of endo equipment for over 20 years now, Ionyx has upped their game with the new Endy 6200. The endo motor has a fully digital integrated apex locator. The signal emitted by the apex locator shows no deviation or change in precision. Also, the contra-angle handpiece has an internal measurement sensor which is automatically connected to the file that is inserted. The PEEK contra angle assures a fully isolated measurement signal. Instantaneous measurements are offered by the build in apex locator enabling the dentist to obtain information about the position of the file in the canal.

The speed and torque of the endo motor are constant regardless of the force applied to the endodontic file in the root canal. The parameters do not vary even when the battery falls below 50%. The constant preservation of torque ensures lesser stress to the rotary file, thereby increasing its lifespan.

Having 12 programmable memory settings the Endy 6200 enables the operator to program various parameters according to the file system that is employed. A feature that stands out in this device is the 1-second return to slow speed technologyThis disengages the instrument and ensures that dentin debris is not pushed towards the apex. The speed ranges between 100 – 500 rpm with an average torque of 1.5 Ncm.

Iony Endy 6200 has a fast charger which enables the battery to be fully charged in 2 hours. Once the battery is fully charged it automatically switches off, preserving charge and increasing the life span of the battery. After being charged the Endy 6200 can be employed to work autonomously for 1 hour.

Dentsply X Smart

The X Smart endo motor by Dentsply is a device that undoubtedly proves that it can withstand the test of time. The endodontic micromotor is designed specifically to drive NiTi rotary instruments. X Smart can operate on battery or electrical power. The battery recharge time is about 5 hours and the use time is 2 hours approximately.

The clear LCD screen on the device is angled for easier visualization during the endodontic procedure. Having a total of 9 memory programs it allows the clinician to change parameters such as speed, torque, gear ratio, the direction of rotation and others. The graduated bar shows a real-time readout of the load that is applied to the rotary instrument. X Smart does not feature the reciprocating function and allows only continuous rotational motion of the rotary files. The device also has battery charge indicator and audible warning signals. The endomotor has a speed and torque range of 120 – 800 rpm and 0.6 – 5.2 Ncm respectively.

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