PB Days – A Shopping Paradise for Dentists!

PB Days – A Paradigm Shift for Indian Dental Supplies

The Indian Dental products industry has been a highly convoluted spider web that has left dental practitioners to miss out on the best possible prices on their large purchases. They have been pushed to a position where only the offline conferences or expos offer deals that have been kept hidden for the rest of the year. But the unaccounted costs of travel & accommodation finally put them back to square one. PinkBlue, as always, is deeply passionate about solving these problems for the Indian Dental Community. Thus, was born the idea of PB Days.

What is it?

PB Days have been a paradigm shift created for dental supplies, pioneered by PinkBlue. Since the first edition in March 2019, PB Days has brought manufacturers and dentists closer than ever. PinkBlue is working closely with the largest brands in the country and has enabled the manufacturers themselves to offer great prices on their products to their best customers. With an overwhelming response from the entire dental community, PB Days have marched forward stronger with every step, offering great value to dentists across India.

Procuring dental products has been a cumbersome process for practitioners who would rather spend that time on improving their skills in practice or look for more streams of revenue generation. The time saved from removing this mundane task allows dentists to concentrate on better treatment outcomes for their patients while saving a great deal of money with far lesser research and phone calls.

Get Smarter | Move Online

This is the time to switch towards online shopping to beat the high price of the retail stores. Pretty much most of the preferred top brands are now available on the web like Neoendo, Speedendo, Dentsply, 3M, NSK, Woodpecker, etc. So why wait to go out to buy the dental products when you can easily get it within the comfort of our clinic or house! PinkBlue.in has everything under one roof from consumables to rotary files, from anything to everything, just add to the cart and order!

Add to cart before the sale for price drops notification!

During PB Days you can witness a mad sale rush, from getting a few dental products at 1 Re. to receiving heavy discounts on all the products. Products go out of stock before you even pull out your card to make the payment. Be smart and plan your shopping, many products are exclusively available only on PB Days. So, wait no more, simply add to cart everything you were waiting to purchase for your clinic to give the best dental treatment to your patients.

Cashback Available!


We give you PB Cash on your every product purchased, which helps you to buy the Dental Products at a lesser price. If you are looking to buy equipment during the PB Days, then you enjoy the benefit of extra PB Cash, which can be easily usable on your next purchase.

Stock up your daily requirement

Products like Rotary Files, Gloves, X-Ray films, Impression materials and a few Dental Equipment which are used daily, we suggest you stock up during PB Days. Not only you will get the best prices, but you will also get to buy more within your budget. For those having big clinics, it is the ideal time to become a Premium Member, to get extra PB Cash and high priority delivery and a lot more advantage.

PB days brings you incredible cashback amounts, unlimited reward points, and instant discount, make the most use of these days. And now that you spent precious time reading it go grab the best deals before they go out of stock.



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