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Dental Students – Order Your Materials online!

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Are you a dental student who is tired of traveling long distances to get your instruments and materials? This blog is for you. Read on.

It’s mid-2017 and e-commerce has solved a multitude of problems in various spheres of life. Since 2015, PinkBlue.in has worked efficiently in helping the dentists of the country to spend less time in procuring inventory for their clinics and focus on improving the oral health of their patients.

In an attempt to expand our services, with the aim of helping dental students in the country, we have now initiated a separate section of the website that comprises all the materials and instruments required by the upcoming dentists.

The powerful quote by Margaret Fuller goes “Today a reader. Tomorrow a leader”.

Drawing inspiration from that quote, we want to ensure that the dentists of tomorrow spend their time studying and not worrying about making trips to the dental materials shop.

Let us save the most valuable resource we have – TIME.

The following points give you an insight into our services and why we are the best at what we do.

Why order from PinkBlue.in?

Exclusive Students’ Categorization:

dental students instruments online


It’s always good to know more!

dental materials brands

You get to explore 25000+ instruments and materials used in dentistry from over 300 brands. This knowledge will be helpful throughout your career as a dental healthcare professional.

Delivery to your doorstep:

Our logistics team works efficiently to ensure safe and quick delivery of all orders. Hostel students rejoice! Get your materials and instruments delivered right to your hostel.

Best prices in India:

All our prices are lesser than MRP, in addition to various discounts and promotions. We constantly work with the suppliers to get the best prices we can for our customers.

Bulk Pricing:

Cashback Points & Bulk Pricing
Typhodonts (Bulk Pricing and Cashback Points)

Know 4 or more friends who need the same products as you do? Get together and get lower prices for the products you order.

We are the first service to introduce the concept of Bulk Pricing. Team up with your friends and get great prices on products.

Cashback on every order:

You get cash back points on every purchase you make with PinkBlue. Use these points to get further discounts on your future orders. (1PB Point = ₹1)

Customer Support:

Through Email, WhatsApp, Live Chat and Phone Call, our customer support team works diligently to respond to your queries and solve any issue you face.

In addition to all the above-mentioned advantages, you get to have a look at all the equipment, materials and instruments used by dentists all over the country on your computer screen or on your mobile phone (we have a completely responsive website).

You have 86400 seconds in a day.

Utilize your time shaping your future as a successful dentist, not running around for dental materials.

Enter The World Of Dental E-Commerce

Dr Surya Goutham

Author: Dr Surya Goutham

Dr. Surya Goutham is the Subject Matter Expert at PinkBlue.in. Being a dentist with an unending passion for learning, he works towards building a knowledge platform for all the dentists and dental students accross the country. Additionally, he is skilled at playing the guitar, singing, a few sports and referring to himself in the third person.

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