3M ESPE Filtek Z250 XT Nanohybrid Restorative Procedural Kit

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Package Contents: Nanohybrid Composites (5 x 3g Syringes) + Adhesive bonding agent (1 x 3ml) and other accessories
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You can now customize your composite restorative kit. Scroll down to know how.


Filtek Z250 Nanohybrid Restorative Kit by 3M ESPE is a light curing composite restorative kit consisting of Z250 XT Nanohybrid Universal Restorative, Scotchbond Etchant, Adper Single Bond 2 (TE) or Single Bond Universal (SE) adhesive and accessories. 3M ESPE allows you to customize your restorative kit with options to select the shades of nanohybrid composite, the adhesive and the accessories. 

The Filtek Z250 Nanohybrid Universal Restorative is an all-purpose aesthetic restorative material. It is non-sticky, non-slumpy, easy to sculpt and has excellent handling properties. The outstanding wear resistance properties and flexural strength due to the innovative filler design makes Filtek Z250 Nanohybrid a perfect restorative for stress bearing areas too. 

Scotchbond Etchant is a universal etching gel consisting off 35% phosphoric acid. It has an improved consistency and dispensing to ensure controlled and precise placement of the etchant on the teeth. It is ideal for selective etch or total etch adhesive systems. 

Single Bond Universal Adhesive is a bonding adhesive that can be used in all bonding techniques (Total-Etch, Self-Etch, Selective-Etch). It is a 7th generation adhesive ensures no post-operative sensitivity and low microleakage with a proven long term bond strength. This adhesive is uniquely suited for the selective etch technique.


Adper Single Bond 2 Adhesive is a total etch, visible light activated bonding agent that incorporates 10% of 5 nm diameter silica filler. It is indicated as an adhesive for direct light cured restorations and treatment of cervical sensitivity. It shows excellent shear bond strength. The nanofiller is stable and does not settle out of the dispersion. Ethanol/water based adhesive maintains shear bond strength over long periods of time and exhibits outstanding shelf life.